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Millards -No 1 in London for over 100 years (celebrating 100th Anniversary 1919 -2019!)


Millards office cleaning in London

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Greener and better cleaning for you.


We specialise in office cleaning  primarily in the London area and within the North and South Circulars.


Our offices and operations are located in Covent Garden, just off Leicester Square as we believe it is imperative to be based within our catchment area.   


As we’ve been office cleaning in London for over 100 years, we know the area like the back of our hands.



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We have a flexible Mangement Team with many years of experience with both large and small cleaning companies.


We  provide phone sanitisation and computer cleaning for many of our clients, another popular service we provide is the supply and laundering of towels and tea towels.


We are also able to supply consumables such as paper hand towels, toilet rolls hand soap and washingup liquid.


Not only do we have first hand knowledge and experience of buildings in this area of London, we are also on hand should any of our customers have an emergency that requires immediate assistance – be it a burst pipe in the middle of the night causing a flood or a dropped tray of coffee in the middle of a board meeting.

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we have a trained general mobile team that are able to quickly and efficently solve this issues.


We also provide a comprehensive range of Window Cleaning Services, click on tab at top of page above for more infomation.


From Mopping,Dusting to Vacuuming we also maintain that the highest standards are achieved and for your peace of mind, We are fully insured.


We are an eco friendly company and fully support the Living Wage Foundation and being in Central London promote the London Living Wage.



We regualarly hold training seminars for our employees.






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