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All businesses have an impact on the world and we at Millards recognise that we a have a duty of care in the delivery of the various services that we provide.

Millards Cleaning Services specialise in office cleaning including communal areas; carpet, hard floor and window cleaning; janitorial supplies and feminine hygiene. We operate primarily in the central London area and within the North and South Circulars. Our client base consists primarily of businesses in the following sectors, Film & Media, Financial Services, Legal Services and the Public Sector.

We are committed to minimising the use of resources and achieving the smallest impact of our company’s operations on the world.  Our approach is segmented into two distinct areas – internally to the operating format of the company and externally to our client and other agencies that we interact with, in carrying out our operations. Our key impacts arise from the electricity we use in our office and the fuel we use for our company cars.


To achieve our environmental objectives we will:

• Reduce our carbon footprint by 5% in the first year of our carbon reduction programme
• Use electric vans for all of our cleaning services.
• Promote the use of our company bicycle.
• Ensure that 80% of contracts are within a 20 minute walk of the office.
• Recruiting suitable staff who live nearest to the contract.
• Use of biodegradable and recycled products.
• Use of materials such as microfiber cloths to reduce chemical usage.
• Use of equipment such as flat mopping systems to reduce water and chemical usage.
• Reduce office paper usage by holding documents in digital files and duplex printing where paper documents are required.


In co-operation with our current clients we will:

• Ensure efficient work flow of operations.
• Minimise use of lighting on the contract.
• Maximise retention of heat within the building in winter by closure of windows and doors.
• Maximise loading of waste sacks up to the safe limit.
• Remove paper hand towels from containers and placed uncontained on a surface – reduces usage by picking one at time rather than a hand full.
• Reduce waste bin sizes – promotes less usage of paper.
Our Environmental Policy will be reviewed annually. A full annual review will take place along side quarterly reviews of our carbon reduction action plan.

John Booth

Managing Director                                                                                                  Date    1st November 2017



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