Green Policy

Millards ‘green’ office cleaning in London

When a place has been your ‘home’ and livelihood for over 90 years you understandably become very attached to it and that’s exactly how we feel about our wonderful city.

We are fully aware that we have a ‘duty of care’ in the services we provide and we are 100% committed to ensuring our operation is as green and environment friendly as possible.

Through our ‘Green’ policy we have joined the ‘Mayor of London’s Green Procurement Code’ and achieved the highest standard for environmental management -ISO 14001.

Our cleaning equipment is designed to reduce water and chemical usage and we operate a stringent ‘Minimisation Policy’ that improves our carbon reduction, CO2 emissions reduction and waste water reduction.

In short we do everything we can to be green - from using biodegradable and recycled products to using electric vans and company bicycles. 

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